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Exotherm, is engaged in the  entire range of fluxes for Aluminium & Aluminium Alloys, The Products are also formulated to meet the specific requirement of the Customers for the Physical properties in the end product.

Yet another area where Exotherm Products have made a mark is the galvanising of steel pipe, tubes, wires, structures & Hardware . We have specialized fluxes for making a prefluxing solution  of  as high as 1.6 sp. gr. to meet the international requirement. Our team of Room Metallurgists also develop problem solving fluxes faced on the shop floor.

Overseas markets : As a leading manufacturer of fluxes, the company markets a complete range for various functions. Exotherm SKF is a covering and drossinmg of flux to be used for Sklenar/Crucible furnace. The galvansing fluxes under the brand name 'Exotherm' form a very important market segment for the company. With an export market comprising Nepal, Sri Lanka, UAE, Bangladesh and Bahrain, the company has been churning an export turnover of Rs. 5 million. As part of its future plans. Exotherm plans to go  for exports to China, Thailand and Malaysia.