25 ice breakers for virtual meetings

Snacking is a standard part of the work day, and a bite is a powerful way for groups to bond. At the start of the call, take a moment to show off what snacks team members have brought to the call. Here is a list of games and activities to do as team building exercises during conference calls. Each round, the game will highlight a random letter of the alphabet and let players come up with any noun or phrase that starts with said letter. The best part — players can dispute answers amongst each other to take the win. This is a perfect icebreaker for your overly competitive colleagues.

ice breakers for conference calls

Enjoy, make fun memories and instantly form bonds with your audience. Virtual scavenger hunt lets your virtual audience collaborate in real-time. It’s like a virtual scavenger hunt, but with a twist—you’re looking for people who are like you in a specific way. Ask each individual to write a newspaper headline about their industry 10 years from today.

Introduction Ice Breakers to Open Your Conference With

Pair people up into breakout groups and ask them to take turns sharing their life stories in 5 minutes. Then, the person listening has to tell the story to the larger group. This is a wonderful way to learn about each other; popular tools include Myers Briggs, StrengthsFinder, DiSC and there are lots of free quizzes out there, too.

  • This activity is centered on sharing the space around you.
  • That means that your team have free range on writing whatever they want, without the fear of judgement for their input.
  • Everyone on the call is given a scenario that they are lost in a deserted island.
  • Then the moderator will select 2 persons from the team.
  • See how well your team members know the organization with a simple trivia game, and reward the winners with kudos (or maybe even a little swag?).
  • Get in your audience’s shoes and be considerate of them.
  • There are plenty of escape room platforms out there, for example, Escape Live.

You can even use these to hide a messy room or a boring backdrop. Make it a contest https://remotemode.net/ by rewarding the person with the most unique and funny Zoom background.

Invite a furry guest to the meeting

Players get to choose from three random prompts to quickly interpret and draw their vision. Other players can score more points for identifying the word the fastest and take turns going until the timer goes out. I’ve seen lots of variations, ranging from very simple (one word to share how icebreakers for virtual meetings you’re feeling today) to more complex . This is a great way to break the ice at the start of the meeting if you are a tight knit team. We hope you’ll try one of these virtual icebreakers at your next online meeting. Let Slido help you connect with your teammates, wherever they are.

What is a fun way to start a meeting?

  • Do a quiz.
  • Hold a meeting outside.
  • Create an interactive agenda.
  • Provide food.
  • Make groups.
  • Change the seating chart.
  • Play a game of charades.
  • Ask interesting questions.

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