About the company

Exotherm Fluxes & Chemicals (Ind.) was established in 1980 by Mr. S.C. Tiwari.


Mr. Tiwari is a metallurgical engineer who passed out in 1962 and has over 5 decades of expertise in using fluxes & chemicals for the treatment of metals.

He has served as a Chief Metallurgist till 1980 in India and abroad, where he specialized in aluminum and hot-dip galvanizing fluxes. Today, the company holds a skilled force to manufacture and test the products under the Exotherm brand. Our products have been found to be of high quality not only in India but also in foreign markets.

Exotherm deals in the entire range of fluxes for hot dip galvanizing, aluminium & aluminium alloys, the products are also formulated to meet the specific requirement of the customers for the physical properties in the end product.

Another area where Exotherm products have made a mark is the hot dip galvanizing of steel pipes, tubes, wires, structures & hardware. We offer specialized fluxes for making a pre-fluxing solution of as high as 1.6 sp. gr. to meet the international requirements. Our team of Metallurgists also developed problem solving fluxes faced on the shop floor.

We are a member of export promotion Council of India Reg. No. Es0173 PANEL-III (B1)-SSM. We are also member of Indian Institute of Metal and India Lead Zinc Development Association.

As a leading manufacturer of fluxes, the company markets a complete range for various functions like ‘Exotherm SKF’ is a covering and drossing of flux to be used for Sklenar/Crucible furnace. 

The hot dip galvanizing fluxes under the brand name ‘Exotherm’ also form a very important market segment for the company. 

We have sales arrangements in various countries where our products are in high demand by various hot dip galvanizing and aluminium casting/ extrusion units and units that export/ import aluminium ingots & billets.

With an export market comprising of various Asian and Middle Eastern countries, the company has been churning an export turnover of over Rs.10 million.

As part of our future plans, we would be tapping China and the European markets. We highly encourage our customers to reach out to us for any technical discourses and acquaint themselves with the discussions on methods of use and to see the developed microstructures.

We understand that our reputation is only as good as the reputation of the raw material that goes into our products. There is a distinct difference noted by our customers in the untreated metal and metal treated with Exotherm Fluxes. Above all, we are sincerely committed to serve our customers to the best of our abilities. We have commendable after sales services. Quality systems at our end complies with the requirement of International standard systems and to achieve that we implement Total Quality Management. Various quality checks have been introduced at various work centers of the company under the guidance & expertise of Metallurgists.

Persistent follow up by management, internal/external audits and relentless efforts on the part of employees have helped us comply with the best quality standards. Working in accordance with quality systems has now become a way of life at Exotherm.