How to Prepare for Your Year End Audit or How to Make Your Auditor Happy

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Independence is key to the auditor-auditee relationship, but there is also a high degree of collaboration to the process; your staff will need to communicate and work with the auditor throughout. Onboarding your team to the audit process ahead of time minimizes the disruption in their day-to-day work while the auditors are onsite, minimizing lost productivity. Review the Information Request List and determine if the items requested are available and in what form (e.g., electronic, microfilm, reports, etc.).


The day before the audit, meet with the auditor either on the phone or in-person and walk through the fieldwork plans. Let them know where all the records are that they’ll need and which staff members are responsible for which parts of your operations. Designate a single staff member to act as the audit point person. It’s most efficient to have a single point person who works directly with the auditor, so the auditor always knows who to direct their questions to.

Internal Audit

I’m not sure if we do comply with that grant term.” That’s going to make the auditor kind of worry. And then they’re going to wonder if you really have got your act together, and that’s going to cause them to ask more questions and we don’t want this. You do not want them to ask more questions, go ahead and connect them with somebody that can answer their questions, and do it right away. But you need to accept in order to make this happen, that they are going to consume your time. Welcome to The Sample, a quick discussion of auditing concepts and terms that will help you do your work. Conducting an audit in accordance with auditing standards is no small feat and I want to support you.

A financial audit is a thorough, detailed examination of a company’s financial statements and accounts. A dispassionate third-party auditor conducts the audit and develops an audit opinion based on the most recent financial statements. Our auditing firm is one of the best in Dubai, offering professional auditing services in the United Arab Emirates.

The ISO 9001 Process

Process artifacts that demonstrate the controls are working as they should. This should give you time to fight fires and resolve any last-minute problems that arise. With this in mind, your timeline should tackle the most difficult or time-consuming areas wherever possible first.

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You need to be clear on when these are and what you need to have achieved as an organization to ensure you can supply the right documents at the necessary time. Make sure you’re allowing enough time for things to not go to plan. C-level executives, decision-makers and directors all look to the year-end audit to provide guidance on the business objectives for the next 12 months and beyond. This means, more than ever, finance specialists are under pressure to make informed recommendations and ensure figures are presented in an accessible manner.

Give the organization ample time to

Because charges and statements don’t always show the business nature of the expense, you can’t rely on them as your only records. For example, let’s say you conduct a random sample inventory and afterwards, you discover 85% of items in the sample. You can conclude that if you conduct a full inventory, you will likely find 85% of the items.

  • And then they’re going to wonder if you really have got your act together, and that’s going to cause them to ask more questions and we don’t want this.
  • A good way to document travel expenses is with an appointment book or log, noting each time you incur a business expense, and the reason.
  • The total cost typically is based on the size of your organization.
  • is where government auditors get their CPE!
  • This step includes the testing to be performed as well as interviews with appropriate department personnel.

We offer training, support, and consulting systems to ensure you obtain or maintain an ISO 9001 certification. The process begins with an opening meeting where an auditor informs you about what to expect during the audit. They then perform an audit of procedures using an ISO 9001 audit checklist. By raising a red flag to any potential problems and helping with any required amendments, an audit can offer unparalleled value to a business.

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Give your auditor a call and provide them with the information they need to make sure it has received the correct accounting treatment. This way you avoid having to backtrack through months of documentation to explain yourself at the end of the year. At Bracken Rothwell, we are happy to assist our clients with such questions throughout the year, not just at the year end. Following the steps listed above should create a smoother experience for you in the event of an audit, and they will also help you establish some much-needed credibility with your IRS agent.

  • This made future audits very quick and easy because the League could prepare answers to all of the auditor’s questions.
  • Conducting regular audits ensures all your numbers and processes check out.
  • This can also include going through working papers and schedules to be comfortable everything ties in.
  • This will also enable a more efficient process when responding to auditor’s queries.

With a procurement management solution like, finance professionals create a thorough and centralized audit trail for every transaction. It gives auditors access to the full complement of financial information, transaction data, support documentation, and journal entries. When conducting an audit report and analysis of financials, you may desire a certain level of detail in your financial reporting. To choose which activity best suits your needs, it helps to understand the three types of financial reporting. Financial audits gives companies an objective read of their financial statements.

Don’t leave anything to chance – ask questions

Having the auditor attend board or committee meetings is especially important if you’ve hired a new auditor who you’ve never worked with before. Additionally, make sure that your board members or finance executives are either present or available to answer the auditor’s questions both during and after their fieldwork. If there is anything in the agreement that you don’t understand or don’t agree with, discuss it with the auditor before you sign. Sign a written agreement specifying the terms and conditions of the audit. This agreement, sometimes called an “engagement letter,” sets forth the scope of the audit and lets you know how much it will cost.

Test documentation supporting account balances or classes of transactions. Perform analytical procedures on expected or unexpected variances in account balances or classes of transactions. Take a short self-assessment to find out how your organization ranks against quality leaders. For the best results, think about building a relationship with your auditor and contacting them periodically for advice. If your goal is passing an audit, you need to take the proactive steps necessary to put yourself in a position to do exactly that.

This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how messy files can get when people take shortcuts. Depending on what kind of bookkeeping or exam it is, think about who you’ll need to mobilize. Bonus points if you can pull together the same team that completed the previous audit.

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If you purchased the property or equipment, have the purchase contract. This establishes grounds for claiming these expenses as well as a beginning basis of the property, if you claim depreciation expenses. If you haven’t kept usage records of listed property, reconstruct them by memory or reference to projects that you worked on during the year. For example, you might notice commonalities in items that you were unable to locate, like the year of purchase or asset category.


Beingaudited by the IRSis not a welcome prospect for any business, but despite the negative implications, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re guilty of any wrongdoing. The tax collection agency uses various methods to select returns for inspection, including statistical formulae that compare your figures to ‘norms’ identified from similar returns. Alternatively, you can store your documents digitally by scanning them and uploading them onto the cloud.

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